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Get to Know About Darzi Company.

E-Darzi Market Place

A complete online marketplace for tailoring needs.

Pick-up & Delivery

Providing complete tailoring services at your doorsteps.


Bringing all Darzis in one common place so you can choose your best Darzi.

Raw Fabric

Probably you are thinking, where to buy fabric for stitching, no need to worry we are providing fabric as well.

What Do We Have To Offer You?


Who We Are?

We are a dynamic team set out to provide you with quality tailoring services right at your doorsteps. Clothing is more than stitched fabric; it is a part of who we are. Self-expression and presentation go a long way with first and forever impressions. We at Darzi Company are here to equip you with your dream custom-quality apparel, that leaves a lasting impression.


Good personalized clothing must not be a hassle and we are here to fix that. Our pick-up and drop-off services, along with our team of experts are here to make fashion convenient! With us, it is always easy to get customized designer clothes because we don't design clothes, we design your dreams. We provide our customers with a time and cost-effective, personalized designer experience. Here at Darzi Company, we believe in the expression of oneself via clothing. The clothes we wear are an extension of our personality, and we aim to help you better express yourself through clothing.

About us- Darzi Company

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Frequently asked questions

How to book Darzi?

Download our app and choose your favorite darzi.

Can I make Cash on Delivery?


What if I need any alteration?

You can visit your order status and book a return on app, we provide one alteration free. (return policies are decided by the Seller partner we don't have any right to ask for it).

What to if I don't have fabric?

In this Case first buy a fabric through app and select the darzi, our executive deliver the fabric first than visit you to take measurements.


Donate Clothes Darzi Company

Donate Clothes With Us...

Why donate clothes? It is undoubtedly the easiest way to give back to our community and to bring us a sense of gratitude. Our society has large numbers of marginal communities and underprivileged. Not everyone can do large feats of social service, and small acts of services like donations are the way to go.

we hope to grow beyond our current scope and branch out. The journey may be far and long, but here at Darzi Company, we all are in it for the long haul! Do good, get good. There is much to change in our corporate systems and we are putting one step forward to being the change. Join us in our journey of making a difference!

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